Appliance Repair Spring Tips to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

I’m sure you’ve heard of spring cleaning, but what about spring home maintenance? Hi I’m David Leon, licensed contractor and television host. I have some helpful seasonal home maintenance tips to share with you. While this list isn’t all-inclusive, hopefully it will get you thinking about what your home systems and appliances need at this time of year.

Spring is a great time to walk around your home structure and check out the foundation, walls, floor, concrete, and masonry for any cracks or holes. Spring time can bring lots of rain in many parts of the country and it’s always a good idea to check basements and crawl spaces for any moisture or leaks.

Inspect attics and ceilings after wet weather too. As you gear up for your lawn’s growing season, check your automatic lawn sprinkler system to see if all the components are working properly. Have your homes cooling system serviced one month before you think you need to use it. Now is also a good time to test all of your smoke alarms.

When you adjust your clock for Daylight Savings Time, change the batteries on your smoke alarms. Review the location of all gas and water shut-off valves with all members of your household. When you have the vacuum out for spring cleaning chores be sure to vacuum your refrigerator coils usually found in the back or underneath the unit. This should be done at least once a year.

While you’re there, change the refrigerator’s water and ice maker filters per manufacturer’s instructions. To give your disposal a spring cleaning, turn it on and feed a full tray of ice cubes through it while running cold water. While you’re in the kitchen, go ahead and clean or change your range hood exhaust filters for safety and efficient operation.

In your laundry area inspect the hot and cold water supply hoses for your clothes washer. Look for any cracks or deterioration that could cause leaks and make sure the hoses don’t have any kinks in them. You probably already know to clean the dryer’s lint screen after every load, but you should also make sure the exhaust vent is cleaned as well.

Give your home some extra TLC with these simple spring maintenance suggestions from IPAI Online.